"Orange22 designs are like material poems." - Surface Magazine

This series was designed after having visited Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. Its where the Colorado river, after millions of years of erosion, has carved a perfect semi circle into the surrounding sand stone. The impact of the scene made such an impression I wanted to create a series that would carry this theme of "earth's time" throughout. 

The resulting collection reflects this theme as an underlying principal along with the contrast of texture vs reflection, smooth vs rough and light vs dark. Using materials like glass to represent water and wood to elude to stone the end result is a subtle nod to the rivers sculptural statement while remaining modern, commercial and utilitarian. 

design / rendering  
engineering / CAD 

Cliffs Edge Executive Workstation & Return 
Switchback Bar 
Switchback Entertainment Center 
Meander Writing Desk 
Strata Bar Station 
Lock & Dam Entertainment Wall 
Waters Mark Workstation
Momentum Side Table and Low Table 
Switchback Cocktail Table
Earth's Time Reclined Lounge 
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