MOBIUS RV led by Kirk Hawkins (prior co-founder and CEO of Icon Aircraft) is aiming to disrupt the long-established tow-ables RV market. With the pandemic fueling remote work lifestyles, Mobius is developing a range of off-the-grid live/work/play tow-ables that are unprecedented in this product space. There has been a massive demand for RVs driven by a younger demographic as a response to the pandemics live/work paradigm shift. As part of the product development team, I was asked to collaborate on the iterative design process establishing the products features framework and variable configurations from the POV of the customer experience across all experiential touch points.   Learn More >
JetZero is a startup founded to create the next generation of zero carbon emissions jets. Their leadership team is comprised of veterans of the aerospace, aviation, and transportation sectors along with NASA and industry partners. For this project, a former Icon colleague reached out to us to help design, plan, and buildout their operational facility. Anyone who knows our passion for aerospace would know this was something we were all very excited to participate in.   Learn More >
Early in 2021 Airfield Supply Co. approached O22DL to help them envision a new cannabis retail experience unprecedented in the space. Merging an aerospace theme into a novel cannabis experience has proven to be a challenging but fun project. Airfield entered the medical cannabis space ten years ago with a location in San Jose CA quickly becoming one of the region’s busiest establishments. Leading the development process along with hand picking the collab team, Mark Odom Studio (space planning) based in Austin TX and Part and Parcel (brand strategy) based in Santa Monica has resulted in a one-of-a-kind retail concept. Don't be fooled creating an experience that not only delight customers but meets rigorous codes that combine both banking (because of the amount of cash transacted) and the pharmaceutical requirements of administering legal drugs it was quite the challenge combining both of those worlds. The immersive experience includes an educational lounge, vape bar, flower bar, new arrivals showcase, edibles area and living plants display. Stay tuned for the official ground breaking.   Learn More >
Our STR "short term rental" portfolio expanded internationally this year with a newly remodeled luxury villa in Baja California just a quick 2hr flight from LA or Austin. Casa Mar Amor was designed for maximum relaxation and privacy this custom villa is ideal for multiple families or couples with kids wanting to reconnect over farm-to-table and sea-table food and all the other magical cultural experiences Todos Santos has to offer. The main house features 2 master suites ample living and kitchen space that opens to an infinity pool and exotic one-of-a-kind cactus garden. A central courtyard leads to the newly built bunkhouse that sleeps 6. Enjoy spectacular sunsets and moon rises from the roof deck with built-in outdoor kitchen and oversized fire pit. Dec - Feb is gray whale migratory season you'll see them breaking every 10-15 minutes its quite magical to witness.    

We are offering Friends & Family savings of 20% so reach out directly if of any interest. 

Spinlaunch – a company that is reimagining space launch technology. Instead of fuel-based rockets, Spinlaunch has developed a revolutionary kinetic launch system that provides a highly cost effective and sustainable method of launching small satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO). O22DL was introduced to the team at Spinlaunch through our extensive work with Icon Aircraft. We were tasked with the challenge of conceptualizing and master planning their Alaska launch facility. The project involved master site planning and iterative renderings of the facility components including hangars, access roads, bridges, launch chambers, battery farm, and vehicle staging areas.   Learn More > 
ICON Aircraft, maker of the revolutionary ICON A5 Light Sport Aircraft, unveiled its first sales and demo center showroom at Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO). The Los Angelesarea presents an ideal flying environment for ICON's amphibious aircraft and is a cultural fit for its customers who enjoy adventure and outdoor activities.
"Santa Monica is a perfect choice for the first ICON Showroom," said Thomas Wieners, President of ICON Aircraft. "The company was founded in the Los Angeles area more than ten years ago and the region has one of the largest general aviation populations in the U.S. We look forward to connecting with existing pilots and introducing them to adventure flying in the ICON A5, as well as bringing the A5 to new and aspiring pilots who call this area home."
The new Santa Monica location is part of an expansion plan designed to grow ICON's presence across the U.S. and bring the plane closer to customers. In addition to expanding its corporate footprint through the Santa Monica showroom, ICON has sales staff based in key regions across the country and is exploring dealerships and other sales channels, as well as partnerships with third-party flight training and service providers to support customers.
"We're excited that ICON chose Santa Monica Airport for its Southern California showroom," said Christian Fry, President of the Santa Monica Airport Association. "The city of Santa Monica and the airport in particular have played pivotal roles in business and in aviation for over a hundred years. We're fortunate to have an opportunity to build on that history by welcoming an innovative company such as ICON to the Santa Monica Airport Association and help them in their mission to grow aviation and welcome a new generation of sport flying enthusiasts." 

ICON Aircraft announced the construction of a new facility in Tijuana, Mexico, where it will produce composite airframe components for the A5. As part of a revised production plan announced in May, the company decided to produce its own composite components, a manufacturing process that was previously outsourced to several suppliers.
The new facility, designed with help from Orange22, is due to start operations in November, covers approximately 300,000 square feet and will fabricate composite components for the A5. The airframe parts it produces will be delivered to ICON’s existing factory in Northern California, where the rest of the aircraft manufacturing process will continue as it does today, including paint, systems installation, final assembly, testing, and aircraft delivery. The establishment of the new facility will not affect the jobs of any of ICON’s current Vacaville-based employees. ICON will control all manufacturing operations at both facilities, and composite parts will be made by ICON employees using ICON tooling, processes, and quality standards.
In a unique collaboration between Orange22 Design Lab and 8Inc lead by Dario Antonioni with the goal of delivering a fully immersive customer journey experience for debut at the famed Shanghai Science Museum attended by over 1M visitors monthly. The multi story exhibition consists of several experiential zones including a 180 degree high definition wrap around sensorial video screen depicting the A5 in its various environments, an A5 demo theater, learning and interactive zones diving into the A5's cutting edge engineering, VR fly stations where museum goers can experience the sensation of flying inside an A5 alongside an experienced pilot and guide and many other visitor engagement moments. To learn more about this cool and one-of-a-kind project please drop us a note directly.
ICON opened its first flight center, IFC NorCal, in California this summer as part of its 300,000-square-foot corporate headquarters. To date, approximately 40 people have completed their training while experiencing firsthand the simplicity, excitement, and freedom of flying the ICON A5. ICON plans to open its third IFC facility in Texas in the first quarter of 2017.
MOXI Wolf Museum of exploration and innovation opens up in beautiful Santa Barbara and we are pleased to announce that throughout the museum our Botanist Minimal Benches with custom cutout science based quotes were specified throughout for museum goers to enjoy. Botanist Series was launched in 2008 to help spread both awareness and green building practices through its novel socially responsible business model of matching award-winning designers with charities of their choosing to raise money from the sale of each partnered product. To-date Botanist has raised over $55,000 for partner foundations. To learn more about Botanist visit  
With growing sales and product options Orange22Modern has expanded into Nor Cal with a new warehouse partner to help meet sales of its modern residential and contract furniture offering. Along with this expansion comes quicker 24hr shipping options and expanded inventory capacity. To learn more about Orange22Modern's various collections selection visit: 
ICON poised to revolutionize personal avation with its innovative award-winning A5 aircraft concept has enlisted designer Dario Antonioni to join their growing team in Nor. Cal as Director of ICON Spaces Worldwide. Assignments include leading the design and realization of various company initiatives including a 300,000SF fabrication facility in Vacaville complete with various buildings housing dedicated engineering, sales, marketing, training and administrative teams, an R&D facility and customer training center. Sales centers and a museum exhibition in Shanghai China, Customer Training Facility in Tampa FL and a future composite facility in Tijuana, Mexico. To lean more about ICON visit 
ORANGE22MODERN Expands to EU with partner Charles & Marie
Orange22 is excited to finally satisfy the steady requests for our products throughout Europe with our new distribution partner Charles & Marie. Charles & Marie launched in 2005 and is now an international operation that is headed by two industry experts: Marcus Greinke, ex global creative director for Enterprise IG and Claus Krogmann, ex Vitra country CEO. Alongside them is a team of fabulous scouts and writers.
When American business tycoon, inventor and filmmaker Howard Hughes headquartered Hughes Aircraft in Los Angeles’ Playa Vista neighborhood, he probably couldn’t have imagined that it would someday become home to one of the most innovative and creative advertising agencies around. After Hughes went under in 1997, its offices fell into disrepair and were subjected to years of neglect, even graffiti (an original route map of Hughes-owned TWA that hangs in the lobby was tagged by street artists after the building was abandoned). But in 2012, when 72andSunny CEO John Boiler was looking for the perfect space to relocate his growing shop, he saw the dilapidated digs as the perfect destination. “We designed for optimism—open spaces, lots of light, no personal offices,” Boiler explained. “We made a space that has timeless design and is built to be a connector, not a container.”
In Austin, Texas, the Cuernavaca neighborhood still has its laid-back, eclectic vibe. But the hippies of the ’70s are now being replaced—with techies, foodies and creative designer types. Dario and Natasha Antonioni relocated to Austin from Los Angeles with their two daughters last year, knowing they could afford a larger home without giving up the buzz of city life. They bought a traditional two-story home and transformed it into what they call a “modern barn.” for living creatively. The renovation took four months and included a new kitchen, modern entryway, removal of a spiral staircase and planting an organic garden in the backyard and an expansive minimal backyard oasis with a kids tree house, pool and massive deck. “We wanted to find a project house that we could turn into our dream house,” says Antonioni, 40, who runs a consumer experience design consultancy out of WeWork, a co-working space in downtown Austin. “It was the ugliest house on the block and now everyone in our hood comes to hangout, a bit too-often, but we don't mind!" states Antonioni. 
FLIGHT001 Designed by Dario Antonioni Opens in Harajuku Japan!
FLIGHT001 (pronounced: “flight one”) was originally conceived in 1998 aboard Air France flight 023, somewhere between New York and Paris. John Sencion and Brad John, two business travelers who had spent far too much time preparing for their trip, envisioned a travel store as streamlined as flight itself. Luckily for travelers, their mid-air epiphany resulted in a jet-setter’s dream: an all-inclusive, retro-modern store that satisfies the traveler’s every need. The stores design, from the architecture, to the graphics, to the custom fixtures was envisioned by founder of Orange22 Design Lab.
"Flight001 has been a dream client. They allowed us to fully realize our vision for their brand across all customer touch points. The overall result is an amalgamation of various universal aspects of travel like the check in counter, the boarding jetway, the airplane, the baggage claim, the map. These experiential nodes have been abstracted and curated into a holistic expression, that which is now FLIGHT001. The result is a powerful and familiar environment that evokes emotion and delivers meaning." - Dario Antonioni 
Working closely with Orange22 to conceptualize ICON's brand presence at Airventure 2013 the team leaders masterminded a new direction for the A5 Show model color scheme to deliver on the tradeshows hallmark message of production and engineering progress. 
The model was displayed for the first time at EAA AirVenture 2013 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Icon has released photographs of what it informally terms its “three-dimensional CAD drawing” of the company’s A5 amphibious Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). The full-scale 3D model employs automotive vinyl wrap technology printed with an adapted projection of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) virtual model depicting the location and layout of key structures and systems of the aircraft, which provides an unprecedented level of technical detail about the production A5.
08/14/13 Design Lab partners up with Innovative Startup EvoEau to Launch a New Filtered Water Bottle 
When founder Scott Moore approach Orange22 Design Lab with the ambitious goal to help change the world, we jumped at the opportunity. Most water bottles are only about style and fashion, not function or health. EvoEau is different with a lofty goal that combines style, science and altruism.
07/19/13 Introducing SLIM Featurign GRID-IT® by Orange22 Exclusively at Apple
SLIM features luxurious pockets, designed to hold a 13" or 15" Macbook Pro, an iPad, and documents. With water-resistant ballistic nylon and waterproof zippers, everything stays safe and dry inside. The minimalist design and gunmetal hardware supply plenty of comfort and style. SLIM's most innovative feature is its full-size GRID-IT® panel allowing you to store gadgets, cables, and accessories vertically, eliminating the need to ever have to dig through your bag again.
07/01/13 Headed to Airventure 2013 to Unveil Icon's Submersive Production Focused Brand Experience
Icon Aircraft is paving the way for the future of light sport aircraft LSA's in the recreational flight market. The A5 is posied to revolutionize personal flight and bring the fun back to flying. Orange22 has been collaborating with Icon's talented team of engineers and innovators to bring an all encompasing, fully submersive brand eperience to its core audience at its most important important aviation event each year. With thousands of attendees visting Oshkosh this year the bar has been set very high and we've got some incredible suprises instock for you. The show experience aim's to communicate critical production milestones and innovations positioning the A5 for first customer deliveries. If you are in town please come by and experience the energy and enthusiam of Icon's A5 for yourself. 
Since its launch GRID-IT® has gone on to become the standard in gadget organisation. With summer break coming to an end Apple takes note and pitches GRID-IT® as the solution to staying "stylish and organized all over campus".

It is always a great feeling to know your design efforts are meaningful and significant. Since GRID-IT® launched back in 2009 it has gone on to become a global phenomenon. Since Nov 2012 its been one of Apple's BEST selling items under the Bags and Cases category. Want to get your hands on one? 
With the ability to customize color, finish texture, graphics and overall dimensions the team at Morphosis Architects worked closely with Orange22 to design and deliver a custom seating program throughout the expansive new museum. The final result provides a welcomed oasis for tired museum visitors while educating them on cool science based factoids. Our personal favorite, "Did you know that the carbon in your body was formed in the stars billions of years ago?". Who would have ever though public furniture could be so ... inspirational!
04/05/13 BOTANIST™ by Orange22 Specified by North Face for National Roll Out
We are thrilled to have Botanist as a standard at all new and renovated North Face Shops. Our ability to water-jet custom logos and match any color allows brands to extend their message beyond their products. Botanist benches and nesting tables are perfect for high traffic retail environments because of their resilient finish and ease to clean minimal design.
03/15/13 Mark your Calendars for IDSA 2013 Western Conferece. Designer Dario Antonioni will be giving a lecture titled: How To Get Ideas Off the Ground Using OPM "Other People's Money"
Orange22 founder and creator of Botanist™, Dario Antonioni, will be presenting at this year’s IDSA 2013 Western District Design Conference in Longbeach April 12-13. Dario will discuss tips and tricks to launch your own Kickstarter projects and how to use OPM "other peoples money" to bring your vision into reality. He will demystify the new world of crowd-sourcing and what he's learned from his own successful campaigns. Want to attend? The entrepreneur-focused event is packed with provocative sessions to get you motivated. 
02/05/13 UNCRATE Features Float Minimal Wall Desk by Dario Antonioni.
It doesn't matter whether you're looking to open up some floor space or simply want a stylish new workstation — the Minimal Float Wall Desk ($700) can do both. Made from either walnut or rift oak, this sleek desk mounts directly on the wall at any height you choose — meaning it can work as a sitting or standing desk — and features softly rounded ends and a full-length slide out tray for your keyboard, mouse, and/or writing pad. There's only one drawback: with a design this clean, you're going to want to make damn sure that you hide any cables as best you can.
01/14/13 BOTANIST™ by Orange22 Custom Seating Program for the New Ross Perot Museum of Science and Nature in Dallas Ships
We were thrilled by the opportunity to work with Morphosis Architects to design, manufacture and install a fun and creative custom seating program for the new Ross Perot Museum of Science and Nature. We developed aluminum benches featuring water-jet cut factoid quotes to inspire guests and allow them a moment to ponder the magic of the world around them.
11/30 GRIDIT® by Orange22 is currently the No.01 Best Selling case on - Yes... Go team! 
09/2012 Orange22 grants Baresque an exclusive license to expands its Botanist™ brand into Australia and New Zealand.
“It is very exciting to be able to bring the highly acclaimed Botanist collection to Australia.We are also proud to manufacture the products, designed by world renowned designers,right here in Australia. Included within our newly launched Baresque Studio Collection,Botanist is an extension of our inspiring and innovative furniture solutions.” - AngusBlaiklock, Executive Director of Baresque. 
05/2012 Float Minimal Desk Finalist for DWR|Dwell Live Work Contest 
Dwell teamed up DWR to mix business with pleasure in the first-ever Live/Work Design Contest. Float Minimal Wall Desk, by Dario Antonioni, was chosen from 800+ entries as a finalist.
03/2012 Herman Miller Panel by Smarty, Designed for Greatness
This unique panel in collaboration with design icon, Herman Miller, brings both product and service entrepreneurs to a central stage to talk about their victories, challenges, business hiccups and marketing secret weapons. In addition to peeking behind their start-up curtains. Moderated by: SMARTY Founder, Amy Swift Crosby
Natasha Case, Coolhaus
Dario Antonioni, Orange22 dLab
Sara Happ, Sara Happ Lip Scrub
Jose Caballer, The Skool
02/2012 ByutiLuxe Brentwood by Orange22 Opens
Located in the heart of Brentwood CA the luxuriously designed Byuti Brentwood opened its doors on April 1st. after 3 months of construction. Click on link below to get a preview.
01/2012 dLab Featured in 'Go West' Cutting-Edge Creatives in the US
GOWEST! introduces sixty prominent designers, including Orange22's founder Dario Antonioni showcasing projects in the fields of advertising, architecture, art, design, fashion, and photography. To get your hands on this beautiful coffee table book click on the link below. Enjoy!
10/2011 IDSA Lecture: How to get Your Ideas to Market Using OPM
IDSA LA presents design entrepreneur Dario Antonioni at the Duncan Anderson Design Department Gallery at CSULB to share candid insights on his recent experiences using Kickstarter to fund his own, unique projects. He explains what Kickstarter is, how he learned from the process and gives us tips on creating our own successful projects along with other industry insights.
Lecture Date: Thursday Oct 6th 7-9:30pm
11/2011 dLab Newsletter 
We’ve been busy at the Orange, take a look at our recent projects, awards, press and whats next. If you have a creative challenge don’t hesitate to give us a ring or drop us an email. Enjoy ~
10/2011 Antonioni Lectures on Design at the 3F Famous Furniture Fair in China IDSA
Design entrepreneur, Dario Antonioni CEO and Founder of Orange22, was chosen from over 1300 lecture applicants to discuss the "future of brand importance" as it relates to "designs exploding importance" within the Chinese global furniture market. Contributing experts included branding guru Gregory Vargo, furniture designers Brooke Davis, Scott Mason, and Douglas Fanning. The lecture series was held at the 26th International Famous Furniture Fair 3F in collaboration IDSA and CDI.
09/2011 NYT's Features Botanist Minimal 
Kickstarter is paving the way for creatives to raise money with out the hassles of traditional financing. " If I went to a bank to borrow $36,000 so I could make some benches overseas they would have laughed at me." states Antonioni. Using Kickstarter Antonioni raised more than $36,000 in less then 3 weeks, exceeding his $20,000 goal and enabling him to take Botanist Minimal into full production.
07/2011 CORE77 Design Awards - GRID-IT®
Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards celebrates the richness of the design profession and its practitioners. 15 categories of entry, providing designers a unique opportunity to communicate the intent, rigor and passion behind their efforts. Dedicated jury teams based around the globe gathered in eight countries to judge 15 categories of design practice. Results of this year’s awards program will be announced via Live Web Broadcasts. And as a grace note, we honor our winners with a trophy design that truly celebrates the spirit of teamwork. From all of us at Core77, we congratulate the Winners, Runners-up and Notables.
07/2011 GRID-IT® Hits Apple Stores Worldwide
The award winning GRIDIT™ by Orange22 hits all Apple stores nationwide this week. The team here is beyond excited. Launched in Jan of 2009 GRIDIT has become a global phenomenon.
07/2011 New Packaging Concept for L'Oreal's Pureology Brand
Orange22 and Mike and Maike team up to reinvent the brand packaging for Pureology. Through a series of elegant design solutions the new bottle and packaging design helps to differentiate the brand from its competitors with a consistent formal lanaguge.
05/2011 Orange22's Flight001 Shop Design Opens New Singapore Location
Flight001 Singapore has arrived! We’re excited to announce that our flagship store design is complete and officially opened in Changi International Airport, Singapore. Visit us at Terminal 2.

05/2011 Botanist™ Minimal Bench Wins Silver 2011 International Design Award
IDA exists to recognize, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries and to uncover emerging talent in architecture and interior, product, graphic, and fashion design.
05/2011 Orange22 Completes Icon Aircraft's Engineering Facility Renovation in Tehachapi CA
Located in near Mojave CA, Icon Aircraft contracted Orange22 to design and renovate their Tehachapi prototype facility where there award-winning A5 is nearing completion. Check back soon for images.
04/2011 Gilt Group Luxury Site Features Orange22's Limited Edition Products
The online invitation only luxury retail site features Orange22's limited-edition Carbon22 Series and select items from Botanist Design Series 2011. The three day sale ended on 4/15/11
02/2011 Documentary "OBJECTIFIED" Features Botanist by Orange22
Botanist Series by Orange22 is featured in a new documentary film on international design by Gary Hustwit. Support the cause here:
12/2010 GRID-IT® Wins GOOD DESIGN Award!
The GOOD DESIGN 2010 award winners were announced recently and represent the work of thousands of designers from 37 nations. With 500 awards given in 2010, this was a record year for both volume of submissions and number awarded. The United States led the number of awards (178) followed by Germany, (134) and then Italy (50) in categories as diverse as electronics, transportation, furniture and technological innovations. Notable winners include India's Tata Nano car, Marc Newson's SMEG Oven, and Motorola's DROID phone. The call for submissions for 2011 is open and the deadline is July 1, 2011.
Founded in Chicago in 1950 by architects Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., GOOD DESIGN bestows international recognition upon the world's most prominent designers and manufacturers for advancing new, visionary, and innovative product concepts, invention and originality, and for stretching the envelope beyond what is considered ordinary product and consumer design.
A complete list of winners and the application for 2011's awards can be found at the Chicago Athenaeum website.

10/2010 Taschen Publishing Features Botanist by Orange22 in New Book; Product Deisgn in the Sustainable Era
The Orange22 team was thrilled when UPS arrived today! At first we thought it was an iPad, similar size and weight but then, surprise! Its a new book by world renown published TASCHEN entitled; Product Design in the Sustainable Era. Botanist was highlighted amongst other global innovators striving to make a difference through intelligent eco-consious design. Go team!
So that means that the iPad is still in transit. We love getting gifts in the mail.

05/2010 GRID-IT™ Wins Coveted RedDot Award
GRID-IT!™ continues to receive national acclaim for its design, winning the much coveted Red Dot Award one year from its launch at CES Jan 2009. Since then GRID-IT™ has been used in over 250 products and growing.
08/2005 Step Inside Design magazine features Industrial Designer Dario Antonioni 

Designer Dario antonioni, who has created retail environments for DKNY and Ralph Lauren,among others, aims to tell stories through his spaces. In the case of travel boutique flight001, the narrative centers on the legendary Pan Am Flight 001, which circumnavigated theglobe in the 1960s. Antonioni’s clean materials, including plexiglass, walnut paneling, and pirelli tiles, recreate the by gone glamour of international travel. But beneath the store’sglimmering surfaces, undertones of wit emerge, like the cash wrap here, designed tolook like an airport ticket counter.
01/2004 What do Tom Cruise and designer Dario Antonioni have in common? The Future, apparently.
Twelve years before the iPad launched and on the year Google went public forward thinking designer Antonioni envisions a Future Desk powerful enough to plan the re-entry sequence of the Space Shuttle but modern and minimalist in shape and form. 
Surface Magazine Avant Guard Issue features New American Design Talent Dario Antonioni 
Ten designers where hand picked by the Surface editorial team to be featured in the annual Surface Magazine T.A.G. Event held in Manhattan and Milan during design week.
02/2010 Antonioni Invited to Keynote at BYU 
The interior design department of Brigham Young University in Provo Utah invited design entrepreneur Dario Antonioni to a series of three lectures across 3 days culminating with a keynote closing lecture.
05/2009 Botanist Wins IDEA Award
The team behind Orange22's Botanist project was thrilled to receive the news that the prestigious IDEA Awards nominated Botanist as a finalist for their Eco-Products Category. The IDEA® (International Design Excellence Awards) program is the premier international competition honoring design excellence in products, ecodesign, interaction design, packaging, strategy, research and concepts. Entries are invited from designers, students and companies worldwide.
01/2009 GRID-IT® by Orange22 Launches at CES
Cocoon Innovations, a subsidiary of DMC, launched over 250 products at CES 2009 featuring the proprietary patent pending GRID-IT Technology designed and developed by Orange22. DMC is an integrated sales channel development and supply chain management company assisting large companies become powerful competitors in the global marketplace.
08/2008 Coffee Giant Starbucks taps Antonioni to Jazz up the Java 
Antonioni was chosen by Starbucks to revitalize S. California's brand strategy and customer coffee experience. The aim of the exploration was to increase customer's positive emotional connection to the poorly performing brand. The Orange22 team was proud and honored to participate in this challenging and large-scale engagement affecting all 800+ S. California locations and later expanded nationally. The first, experimental location opened its doors in March of 2009. Since implementation of the strategy Starbucks stock price dramatically improved along with customers overall satisfaction.   
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