An aerospace aficionado turned industrial designer Dario Cesar Antonioni brings a passion for innovative products and spatial experiences to inform design-driven solutions in both art and commerce. Powered by the belief that design has the ability to shape entire business models while cultivating consumer engagement, he is both an originator of concept and product, and an additive consultant to organizations who demand big thinking with meaningful deliverables.
Dario’s innovations can be found on the shelves of luxury retailers like Apple and Henri Bendels as well as mass market stores like Target and Wayfair. His contributions range from strategic internal initiatives to award-winning, public-facing environments and include iconic brands like RL, DNKY, Red Bull, L’Oreal and Starbucks as well as boutique names like Pureology, Harmon Hotel and Ducati. His limited-edition, one-of-a-kind experimental pieces have been purchased by celebrity clients like Edward Norton and James Horner and have enjoyed worldwide recognition across a variety of publications, TV and documentaries.
An international upbringing matched with a relentless thirst for travel have been central to Dario’s work. His instincts around culture and zeitgeist, as well as the more intuitive expressions from the natural world, have nurtured a lifelong interest in the emotional resonance of impactful products and places. Dario’s intentionality in approach has initiated thoughtful dialogue across a multitude of platforms. 

 “His built environments and objects evoke emotion and deliver meaning.” – Business Week Magazine.

Dario appreciates the agility required for working within a variety organizational culture. From an ambitious new startup like Icon Aircraft, where defining each tactile consumer facing touchpoint is essential to the end product, to large teams of stakeholders like LG or Sony where reimagining future product innovations and launches is crucial to relevance and market share. He excels at curating and assembling teams of highly skilled designers and specialists to collaborate in new ways that expand the status quo and leave memorable impressions that transcend generation, education and geography. 
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