"Orange22 dissolves the boundaries between design and technology."
- How Magazine

You dive in to the future and allow yourself to imagine the impossible. This concept does just that by combining existing technologies in non-conventional ways. Starting out with the desire to simplify sophisticated and stylish people lives we asked ourselves, "Can we make one pair of shades into fifteen?" That question got the juices going.

The lens is actually layered glass in-between which exists a thin layer of electrochromic film. Low amounts of electrical current are used to polarize pre-embeded graphic patterns into an on or off state making those areas clear or opaque. In this case the opaque areas become mirrored resulting in a beautiful extension of the frames design. If you are confused don't be because a simpler version of this technology exists in your everyday calculator. How do you think those cool numbers show up ?

The fun begins with the simple interface of two buttons allowing your to turn the feature on or off and the second button allows you to scroll through various pre-programed patterns. Wireless connectivity allows you to up load capabilities new "looks" so as your mood changes so can your swank. You'll need some patience since these revolutionary shades won't be in the market anytime soon. But trust us - it will be worth the wait.

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