Way back when corporate execs were the only group of people who could afford to fly with any frequency, the travel-goods market emerged to meet their needs. And since C-level execs are more comfortable making end-of-year statements than fashion statements, most travel products—from small totes to suitcases—run a spectrum that starts with gray and ends in black. Today, travel is an affordable reality for a whole new set of fashion-forward, international jet-setters. But the market has yet to catch up.

People trade up their digital devices—from PDAs to cell phones and laptops—as happily as they upgrade to first-class seats. But travel bags haven’t adapted to the new shapes and sizes technology companies are launching every year, throughout the year. As industry races to roll out thinner, smaller, lighter digital devices, a travel bag’s compartment for last year’s cell phone is hardly appropriate for this year’s.

Point B Travel Goods, for which Antonioni is currently identifying licensing partners, addresses both of those needs, first through the introduction of stylish forms and a kaleidoscopic range of colors. The products also provide heightened functionality. Based on explorations with materials and forms, Point B bags and totes provide an almost infinite array of flexible configurations—such that users can change each bag according to what it’s meant to hold. That translates to a line of travel totes that holds today’s technology as well as that of the future.

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