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Russell Banks | Principal Gensler Santa Monica 

SMART, SUCCESSFUL AND SINGLEGensler – one of the largest architectural firms in the United States—had their Santa Monica office approach us regarding a project that was being developed as part of the MGM Grand Project located in Los Vegas. The massive multi-million dollar project referred to as CityCenter was composed of a series of large buildings, one of them being The Harmon Hotel. The Harmon Hotel is the first of its kind in that is geared towards successful entrepreneurial single women with half-hotel and half-residential elements as well as a whole entertainment aspect. Andrew Sasson, the Creative Director from The Light Group, was also brought on board to give this hotel a significant brand. Andrew is known for his hip, happening and trendy lifestyle and was perfect to provide a cool edge for the face of Gensler. Our job was to become a liaison between Gensler and The Light Group and provide a more down-to-earth rapport with their client.

We took Andrew’s vision and turned it into a salesroom experience where visitors could walk in to each of CityCenter’s sales offices which were divided into a series of breakaway areas for every building that was being represented in the property. Within approximately thirty by eighty feet of space a mini version of the suites were presented. Floor plans, color samples, kitchen and bath mock ups and all standard expected previews for a sales office for a high-end home were present. Over seven months we developed the entire graphics and material experience, and even coordinated the construction effort from all the hundreds of vendors that came together to produce the space. Not only was a graphic presentation that was in line with the luxury level of the brand created but we created the identity of the hotel as well. Everything from the logo and how it would appear on the collateral to the hotel’s brochure, catalog and all high level branding identity was developed on our end. 

The business impact we created for Gensler was huge. The cool, youthful factor was essential to the success of The Harmon Hotel – a language which Andrew Sasson spoke fluently – and fulfilled the client’s needs. We allowed Gensler to maintain a relationship which otherwise may not have succeeded had they not gone out of house and used us as the middle man. As the project continued to grow in scope over time, we secured the account to design everything from The Harmon Hotel’s identity to a luxurious sculpted ‘Jewel Box’ and commercial animation that played on a custom engineered movie player sent to a select fifty celebrities to anchor the brand. We assisted Gensler in securing a .5 to 1 million dollar account. And you can take that to the bank.

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