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Most of us have grown so accustomed to the concept of a desk—thatrectilinear slab of wood or, if we’re feeling frisky, glass, which sits atop fourlegs in our office spaces—that we’ve come to accept it at face value. That’sour natural inclination. But Antonioni works from a different point of view. Forhis part, he won’t accept the things in our midst until he knows they fully meetour needs. He took a look at the traditional desk—and started askingquestions.

Suspecting that the desk as we know it was due for an update, Antonioniwondered: Does it have to be a clunky, rectangular slab of wood on fourlegs? Is that really the best solution for the information age? One look at therenderings for the FutureDesk makes clear the answer. Antonioni envisions apiece of furniture that, when realized, will become an extension of our lives,a personal computer that also happens to be a desk. The FutureDesk’s surface is composed of e-Film—a micro-thin displaytechnology—sandwiched between angled panes of glass. Those panesexhibit an array of downloadable, digital tools—including various computingwindows and keyboards—as 2D interfaces. Antonioni, who is currentlyseeking to partner with a technology company with the software-developmentexpertise to realize his vision, says it’s only a matter of time.

When that time comes, the traditional desk will seem as quaint and primitiveas the Model T seems to NASCAR racers. To “awaken” the FutureDesk, justtap it. Then drag the 2D computing windows, keyboards and other toolsacross the surface as you see fit. And that surface has smarts. It communicateswith your PDA and cell phone, uploading or downloading information whenthose devices come into contact with the FutureDesk.

+ design thinking
+ user scenarios 
+ user centric research
+ design development
+ 3D CAD / rendering
+ IP / patent research
+ Pitch deck development 
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What do Tom Cruise and designer Dario Antonioni have in common? The Future, apparently.

Twelve years before the iPad launched and on the year Google went public forward thinking designer Antonioni envisions a Future Desk powerful enough to plan the re-entry sequence of the Space Shuttle but modern and minimalist in shape and form.

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