Forcola Folding Lounge 
Fluid Romance Inspired by the Skewed Keel of the Venetian Gondola 
Deriving its one of a kind shape from the skewed keel of the Venetian Gondola this folding lounge chair is more art than seating. If you've never noticed the gondolier of a gondola never moves his ore from on side of the vessel to the other while propelling it forward. The reason behind this is in the keel of the long skinny passenger boat. This masterfully hand carved a-symetrical rudder is permanently offsetting the both the rhythm and intensity of the rowers one-sided stroke.

The Forcola Folding Lounge aim to capture this elegant voyage in motion. When closed the aluminum frame mimics the keels calculated a-symetrical curve. When opened the shapes unfold to gracefully capture and comfort the human form. Lighting weight and strong the lounges dramatic foot print provides well grounded stability. Combining the craft of hand sculpted and stitched leather along with cutting-edge CNC technology to mill aluminum from solid plates this limited-eddition one-of-a-kind gem is truly as much science as art.

In case you are wondering where you can see Forcola or how to go about investing in one we are sorry to break the news to you, but its not possible. There were only two identical sets made. The original was sold to a wealthy art investor in Shanghai while the later is being well guarded by the designers wife and two Chihuahua. They can't seem to let go of it, but then again who would.

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