"this could be the tip of the iceberg"
- I.D. Annual Design Review 

Recognized by ID Magazine for its inventive design, this proposal for an elevated metro station is intended to be built along Los Angeles’ 110 Freeway, hovering between the north and south bound lanes. The roof system, an ultra-thin structure, evokes the weightlessness and the lines of a feather, providing shade and creating a sculptural sweep across the sky.

The design concept, conceived for the Department of Transportation, juxtaposes this reference to nature with a mechanized quality. As the train pulls in, it rolls over pneumatic pads that release water in a central fountain. The rushing water then rotates the roof system upward—simultaneously moving numerous aluminum shields that line the water tub. As this motion sweeps across multiple bays, it creates a dynamic, wave-like gesture that welcomes the arrival of each train.

+ Concept Development
+ Environmental Design
+ 3D Modeling
+ Animation
+ Pitch
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